Nomination for the Election of Members of the Council for Year 2018/2019

IGM is once again holding its AGM on 15 May 2018. For too long the councilors of IGM have been the same few people but with the introduction of the Geologists Act, the time has come for a change of guard. The passing of the Geologists Act means the government has accorded due recognition to our geological profession. We therefore urgently need young members to fill in the role of IGM councilors to bring IGM to the next level and make our profession relevant. We need an infusion of new ideas to seek public acceptance using the latest technology and social media, and to convey what professional geologist do.

The President wishes that half of the council members be new faces who will one day take over the running of IGM. Please volunteer to serve in the IGM in the in-coming council as your “give-back” to your profession.

Nominations are invited from Members to fill available positions for year 2018/2019:

PRESIDENT : 1 post


SECRETARY : 1 post

TREASURER : 1 post

COUNCIL MEMBERS : 4 posts (2-year term)

The following Members of the Council shall continue to serve for another year unless they are nominated and elected to some other posts:

  1. Mr. Seet Chin Peng
  2. Mr. P. Loganathan
  3. Mr. Devendran Arumugam
  4. Ms. Suhaileen Shahar

Please download Prescribed Form here.

Ling Nan Ley
Institute of Geology Malaysia
27 March 2018