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  • Jade Boulder of Sabah: A hammer blow to a nephrite boulder leaves little or no mark and the hammer springs back with unexpected intensity due to its toughness. - Merungin, Sabah. (Credit: GSM)
  • Plunging fold at Mersing: Carboniferous Mersing Beds, Sandstone interbedded with shale, Plunging Anticline Fold - Tanjung Kempit, Mersing. (Credit: GSM)
  • Flute Casts, Brain-like Appearance: The present structures differ from typical flute casts, they have a brain-like appearance! - Paitan, Sabah. (Credit: GSM)
  • Tusan Beach: Large amount of sediments deposited on the beach due to the high erosion and weathering of the outcrop. - Tusan Beach Miri (Credit: GSM)
  • Plunging fold at Mersing: Fossiliferous shallow marine sediments (eg. Myophoria, Castatoria) - Taman Emas, Kuala Lipis. (Credit: GSM)

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