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IGM COUNCIL 2021/2022

The IGM Council comprises 4 key posts and 8 ordinary council members. The 4 key posts are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected annually. The 8 council members are elected for a 2-year term but only 4 will be elected at any one time to ensure continuity in the council.

For the 2021/2022 Session, the Council Members are:

President : P.Geol. Abd. Rasid Jaapar, F.I.G.M
Vice President : P.Geol. Mohd Badzran Mat Taib, F.I.G.M
Secretary : P.Geol. Wan Mohamed Nizam Wan Isa, M.I.G.M
Treasurer : P.Geol. Ahmad Nizam Hasan, F.I.G.M
Council Members    
(2 years 2021/23) : P.Geol. Sanatul Salwa Hasan, M.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Abdullah Sulaiman, F.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Dr. Rohayu Che Omar, M.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Dr. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar, M.I.G.M
(1 year 2021/22) : P.Geol. Devendran Arumugam, F.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Nizarulikram Abdul Rahim, M.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Yip Foo Weng, M.I.G.M
  : P.Geol. Dr. Rosli Sa’ad, M.I.G.M