• Membership


IGM has five classes of membership and they are Fellows, Members, Licentiates, Associates and Graduate Members. Fellows, Members and Licentiates are corporate members of IGM. Members of IGM are elected or transferred to various classes of membership based on their qualification and experience as specified by the Council.

A practicing geologist seeking admission to the class of Fellows, should meet conditions set for the class of Members as well as fifteen years of professional experience, of which at least five years should include responsible charge of important geological operations, or function as a consultant or ad-visor in the branches of geology. Admission into the class of Members requires practicing geologists to be at least 21 years of age, with a Bachelor's degree with Honors in geology recognized by the Malaysian Government, as well as three years of professional experience in a branch of geology.

Admission to the class of Licentiates requires applicants to be at least 21 years of age, posses at least a Diploma in geology or equivalent qualification, five years experience in a branch of geology and pass membership examinations provided by IGM or other external examinations recognized by the Council. A candidate for election into the class of Associate Member shall be a person who has a diploma or degree in any professional discipline other than geology. He/She has demonstrated a keen interest in geology and has worked in projects or areas which required input by geologists. Graduate Members should have a Bachelor's degree with Honors in geology recognized by the Malaysian Government or equivalent qualification.

Qualifications for F.I.G.M Award

The F.I.G.M is an award given by IGM in recognition of contribution to the geological profession, either technically or professionally.

The technical contribution may be determined by the numbers of papers published in international and national journals, and which received mention by the geological community as outstanding contribution. This would be solely determined and endorsed by the IGM Council. It would be offered by IGM without application. The award may be withdrawn if the publications are later found be fraudulent or dishonestly obtained by way of plagiarism.

The professional contribution may be determined by way of the following:

  1. Long standing membership in IGM, not less than 10 years continuous membership,
  2. Practising geologist for 15 years,
  3. Above 45 years old, and
  4. Submit testimonial statements of contribution to geological profession, such as in obtaining accreditions for IGM, upgrading professionalism, contributing to new understanding, etc.

Key IGM council members who have completed at least 6 continuous years and implemented various programs that contribute to the recognition of IGM among its peers may be considered as having contributed to the profession.

Each award must be supported by 2 existing fellows.