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Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

The entrance fees for IGM is RM 50.00, the transfer fee is RM 50.00 and the annual subscription is RM60 for Fellows, RM 40.00 for Members, Licentiates and Associates and RM20 for Graduate Members. Annual subscriptions are due in the month of January of every year. Members who fail to settle their annual subscription within six months after it is due shall cease to become members and their names will be removed from the register of members.

Entrance Fee : RM 50.00
Transfer Fee : RM 50.00
Annual Subscription for Fellows : RM 60.00
Annual Subscription for Members, Licentiates and Associates : RM 40.00
Annual Subscription for Graduate Member : RM 20.00

For more info, please read our Constitution of The Institut Geologi Malaysia